This policy is in effect as of 11/19/19 and was last updated on 11/19/19


This Privacy Policy describes how this website collects, stores and uses your information. It applies to all visitors regardless of their geographic location or nationality. We are only interested in information that you voluntarily and affirmatively provide to us. Accordingly, this policy primarily lists the kinds of information which we do NOT collect.

Personal Information

We do not collect your personal information. If you choose to contact us by email or by using the form provided on this website, we will use that information only to correspond with you regarding the specific inquiry you have made.


We do not set our own or third-party cookies. We do not view cookies that other parties may have stored on your system.


We do not conduct eCommerce at this site.


We do not host third-party advertising at this site.

Web Beacons

Web beacons refer to a class of technologies and techniques used to track user page views and visits. We do not use web beacons.

Web Server Logs

Web server logs may be created and stored for up to 90 days, after which they are destroyed. The only exception would be to address security issues and/or attacks on our website or webhost. If we do find it necessary to log access to any of our servers to resolve a problem, such logging will persist only as long as required to resolve the issue, and all logs will be promptly deleted afterward.

Your IP Address

We do not separately log your IP address, although this information is captured in our server logs.

Third Parties

This policy only applies to this website. If you click on any links here that direct you to a website owned by a third party, that website will be governed by its own privacy policy.

We use other companies to perform services including, without limitation, hosting this website. To the extent that these third parties collect, store or use your information, they do so for their own business purposes. We do not request that they collect your information, nor do we have access to any information they may collect. Please see the following provider privacy policies:


Google Analytics

Google Search Console


If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or PointPredictive, please let us know. You may address any email to us for our immediate attention at

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